Kiss of Life is a Non-Profit Organization that enriches the lives of others to walk in purpose, with purpose, on purpose! A program that encourages you to appreciate the life GOd has given you, and tap into your God given talents. Placing workshops and programs in place to build you up!

Designs by Carlia is my company that was birthed as a Floral Design company, manifested into a Company that provides an an abundance of services! ie: floral designs, lifestyle events, wine tastings, t-shirt designs, jewelry designs *lotUS by Carlia, and hART fotography!

hART is my Artist tag (name) from lite' graffiti, to mixed media art, to photography and writing.... (scripts, books, poems, quotes etc..)
named hART because its matters of the heart in an ART form! Art from the heart!

I thank God for blessing me with sooo many talents, this is why I must be Obedient and share it all with the world as he intended me to do so! Prayerfully this blog will Inspire you and help you tap into your innermost feelings, its ok to laugh, cry or just ponder! Please Xpress your FREEdom here we want to hear from you! Live your life w/ purpose on purpose! I love you!
GOD bless you and go in peace!


#lotusflowers 🌺😍 @soltre1 πŸ‘ˆ the best! πŸ”¨ (Taken with Instagram)

#lotusflowers 🌺😍 @soltre1 πŸ‘ˆ the best! πŸ”¨ (Taken with Instagram)